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Rock Concert with Shalom Hanoch and Contact Point: Exciting Encounters Between Art and Artists
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Looking In, Looking Out: The Window in Art
In the Youth Wing
Women`s Tales: Four Leading Israeli Jewelers
in the Ticho House
Winners of the Israel Museum Ben-Yitzhak Award for the Illustration of a Children`s Book, 2010
In the Youth Wing Auditorium
West Meets East: The Story of the Rockefeller Museum
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The Art Garden and the galleries in the main building are closed
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The Ruth Youth Wing

The Youth Wing has continually expanded its activities since it opened in 1966. It now contains extensive gallery space, spacious and well-equipped workshop studios, lecture halls, a library of illustrated children's books, the Recycling Room, and the Collection Room. The Youth Wing is one of the largest and most distinctive museum educational wings of its kind in the world, with a full schedule of daily activities.

The next few years signal a period of renewal and building at The Israel Museum. During this time, the Youth Wing and the Shrine of the Book will comprise the heart of the Museum. This represents a platform for rejuvenation and expansion of activities, and investigation of new horizons in the world of art and experience.

You are warmly invited.

Musi and Musa, Eitan Kedmi, 1997

Please note: 
It is currently not possible to reach the Youth Wing in a wheelchair because of the progress of the campus construction. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

Exhibitions in the Youth Wing

Looking In, Looking Out: The Window in Art

From May 7

 The window has featured as a motif in art for thousands of years, both in eastern and in western culture. It continues to be present in contemporary art, where it has become imbued with new meanings. The window serves as a lookout for the artist; sometimes it is a metaphor for an entire world, sometimes for a partial, fragmentary view of it. Through it, we get a glimpse of the artist's soul, or of the lives of other people, invading their space, and in so doing perhaps escaping real life for a while. The window functions as a barrier between inside and out – a transition point between the artist and reality, between the viewer and the artwork. Running as a leitmotif in the exhibition, the window leads the visitor on a journey through the artists' gaze onto the world, their surroundings, and their own inner reality. The exhibition opens a window onto the Museum's extensive collections, as well as presenting works on loan created by artists in Israel and abroad.

Winners of the Israel Museum Ben-Yitzhak Award for the Illustration of a Children's Book, 2010

From May 14

Original illustrations by the prize winners are on display in this exhibition. Ofra Amit is the gold medal recipient for her illustration of the book Wings by Maya Hanoch. The recipients of honorary mentions are Orit Bergman for The Locomotive, Lena Guberman for Yirmiyahu Street, Natalie Pudalov for Gaya and Banjo Save the World, and Yirmi Pinkus for The Fisherman and the Goldfish.

In the Youth Wing Auditorium

To the exhibition website> >>

Summer Marathon - For children who love art

Sun – Thurs; 8:30 am – 1:30 pm; Registration begins May 16;
call 670-8960, 677-1302
Space is limited

More information>>>

2010 "Coffee and Cake" Summer Courses for Teachers

Recognized as enrichment courses for teachers; Nine or 10 intensive days (excluding Fridays) 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Fee includes yearlong Museum membership

More information>>>

Recycling Workshop
Where ecology meets art. Come experiment with a variety of materials collected from factories.

Opening a Window on Recycling - In conjunction with the Looking In, Looking Out exhibition. Come open windows using recycled materials; Tuesdays 4-7 pm; Ages 3-9; NIS 10 per child; For details, call 670-8963

Archaeological Tell
Children and their parents can follow the path of the artifact from discovery to display, and try their hand at digging, reconstruction, and restoration. Under the guidance of an archaeologist, they will examine authentic and reconstructed archaeological finds.

Open during regular Museum hours

Community Projects

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem collaborates with a variety of communities within the city and throughout Israel. The Youth Wing for Art Education conducts many community projects, enhancing its relations with the community and employing its unique approach to fostering art education.

Projects and Programs

  • Bridging the Gap
    A joint project for Jewish and Arab Israeli pupils living in Jerusalem

  • The Ethiopian Community Project  

  • The Yahad Project
    Art for religious and secular Jewish youth, at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem  

  • Open Window Dialogue
    Project for the Arab sector, in Umm al-Fahm

  • Special Needs Project

  • At-risk  Youth Project
    In collaboration with the ELEM Youth in Distress in Israel non-profit organization

  • Artist's Class for Disabled Israel Defense Force Veterans
    In collaboration with Beit Halochem, sponsored by the Legacy Heritage Foundation

  • Talented Pupils Project
    For pupils in Agaf Shachar, the Israel Ministry of Education Educational Welfare Service Division

  • The Excellence Project
    In collaboration with Manhi – the Jerusalem Education Administration

  • The Museum Goes to Kindergarten – Kindergarten Goes to the Museum
    A project in East and West Jerusalem kindergartens

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