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International Congress of The World Federation of Friends of Museums
Jerusalem - September 21-26, 2008
“Relationship between Museums, Friends and Volunteers”
Hosted by the International Council of the Israel Museum and the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Dear Friends:

We take great pleasure in inviting you to join us for the XIII WFFM International Congress, Relationships between Museums, Friends and Volunteers, which will take place in Jerusalem on September 21-26, 2008.                                 

Attracting pilgrims and visitors since ancient times, rich in culture and history, Jerusalem provides a dynamic venue for our international congress. In the special setting of this historic city, we are organizing a particularly exciting program.

The International Council of the Israel Museum and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem are honored to be the hosts of the XIII WFFM International Congress and look forward to welcoming you to their city, their museum, and to Israel. 

In the words of the traditional saying,  “Next year in Jerusalem!”

Carla Bossi-Comelli
President, WFFM

Danny Ben-Natan
Vice President, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Coordinator, International Council of the Israel Museum


The World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM), now enjoying its 33rd year, is an international non-profit organization that represents some two million individual Friends of Museums, grouped in national federations as well as in numerous single associations throughout the world. The aim of the WFFM is to promote and spread the idea of Friends of Museums worldwide. The enrichment of museums and the safeguard of cultural heritage are central to all the activities carried out by the Federation.

Every three years, the WFFM organizes an International Congress in a different and special city of the world. Each triennial WFFM Congress has been a success and an excellent forum for Friends of museums to meet, exchange information and ideas, and gain much needed support and inspiration. 

Since its first International Congress in Barcelona in 1972, WFFM Congresses have been held successively in Brussels, Florence, Birmingham, Paris, Toronto, Cordoba, Treviso, Oaxaca, Sydney, Buenos Aires and Seville. We now look forward to our next International Congress in Jerusalem. 

The Program

Building upon the solid base of previous Congresses, the 2008 WFFM International Congress will feature innovative new aspects.  In addition to the plenaries and panel discussions, we are planning to hold workshops allowing for greater proactive and interactive participation.  Our goal is to conclude the Congress, after allowing full discussion and participation, with concrete recommendations to benefit the relationship between museums, friends, and volunteers.

We will be holding all the working sessions in the morning in order to enable delegates and their accompanying guests to spend the afternoons together visiting sites and venues of special interest.  In addition, companions will enjoy two morning excursions.  All of the events, organized meals, seminar coffee breaks, and excursions provided within the framework of the Congress are included in the registration fee.  Seminar coffee breaks are not included for accompanying spouses.  

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Vice President for Development and International Relations, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Coordinator, the International Council of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
P.O.Box 71117, Jerusalem 91710, Israel
Mr Daniel Ben-Natan
[email protected]

The Israel Museum and its International Council

Founded in 1965, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, is among the largest and most prolific  encyclopedic museums in the world. Its holdings of nearly 500,000 items include the most comprehensive collection of biblical archaeology and of Judaica and Jewish Ethnography, as well as extensive collections covering diverse cultures and all art historical periods. The Museum campus features the Shrine of the Book, repository of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls; a large scale model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period; the Billy Rose Art Garden, presenting an integrated display of modern and contemporary sculpture, and a dynamic Youth Wing. The Museum embraces a versatile program of temporary exhibitions and cultural events which reach out to every sector of the population.  Its dedicated and active corps of Volunteers, numbering some 355, guide in the galleries, staff the Information desks, and assist in the shops and all Museum departments.

In July 2007, the Museum commenced a three-year comprehensive Campus Renewal Program comprising 80,000 sq. ft. of new construction and 140,000 sq. ft. of renewed gallery space within the Museum’s 500,000 sq. ft. complex.  Throughout the building process, the Shrine of the Book, Second Temple Model, Art Garden, Youth Wing, and Weisbord Exhibition Pavilion remain open and active.

The International Council of the Israel Museum is comprised of sixteen Friends organizations throughout the world who are dedicated to the growth and development of the Israel Museum, to support its ongoing programs, and to promote an awareness for the Museum and elicit new members in their respective constituencies.  The Council meets annually in Jerusalem with the participation of some 200 members and guests, and throughout the year various Friends organizations host special art and culture weekends in their home cities, in addition to sponsoring fundraising galas, educational programs, and other activities to benefit the Museum.


Jerusalem, repository of 3,000 years of history, is an exciting mixture of sights, sounds and cultures.  Situated on the crest of rolling hills, Jerusalem is referred to as a place of  “going up,” in both a spiritual and physical sense. The core of the historical narrative of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jerusalem pulsates with color and life in its teeming Old City, with its ancient holy sites, bustling market, and narrow alleyways nestled within its landmark 16th century walls.  Outside these lies a modern capital city and Israel’s seat of government, where industry, a thriving academic and medical community, museums, theatres, and parks form the backdrop of everyday life for nearly 700,000 residents. 

In 2008, the State of Israel will be celebrating its 60th year of independence.  We invite you to take advantage of a unique opportunity to visit this young, dynamic country, steeped in history but totally modern, in the comfort and security of this important International Congress.

Useful Visitor Information

Accessibility – Israel’s David Ben Gurion International Airport is easily accessible with direct flights from Europe, North America, and Asia, and easy connections from Latin America.  The airport is located 40 km from Jerusalem. For a fee, individual arrival airport assistance and private transfers can be arranged through the organizing land operators Mabat Platinum Ltd. There is also public transportation (“sherut”) and taxi service available 24 hours a day.

Visas and Passports: – Israel does not require entry visas from Europe, North America, South America, Australia, South Africa and most Asian countries. For a complete list of countries, please check the following website:
Passports should be valid for at least 6 months from entry date to Israel.

Accommodation – The official venue for the WFFM Congress is the Inbal Hotel, located in the heart of Jerusalem, within walking distance to both the Old City and to the downtown area. Nearby are several other fine hotels, from the luxury King David Hotel to lower priced ones, which offer good service and accommodation, with sumptuous breakfasts included in the cost.

Climate – In late September the weather is ideal, warm sunny days (average temperature  26 centigrade) with cool nights and little probability of any rainfall.  It is still warm enough to swim at outdoor pools located at your hotels.  

Clothing – summer clothing with light jackets for Jerusalem evenings are recommended. Hats and sun block are also recommended. Israel is a laid-back country and its dress code is very casual. Ties and jackets are not required for most events.

Cell phones – Mobile phones are widely used in Israel. There are three providers. Coverage is generally good and reasonable in price. If preferred, mobile phones can be rented at Ben Gurion Airport for use during your stay.

Internet – Internet is in wide use and all hotels have high speed Internet access. 

Currency – NIS  - Israel New Shekel.  The current rate of exchange is: 
3.80  NIS = 1 U.S. $
ATM machines and official moneychangers are abundant in the cities, and all major credit cards are widely accepted at most stores, restaurants and tourist sites.

Drinking water – Tap water in Israel is of good quality and safe to drink. Bottled natural spring water is available for sale everywhere.

Electricity – Israel operates on 220 volts, 50 cycles.

Medical services – Jerusalem has three major hospitals and a superior level of medical care.

Security – To ensure safety, personal bags are checked at the entrance to shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, tourist sites, and other public places. 

Travel to neighboring countries – Travel from Israel to Jordan and Egypt is relatively easy. For those doing so, you should already have a visa in your passports, issued in your country of origin, prior to arrival in Israel. 


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