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Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls

---Timeline of the Second Temple Period 

535 BCE

332 BCE

Return to Zion from Babylonian Exile

Alexander the Great conquers the land of Israel.
Beginning of the Hellenistic Period

167 BCE

Anti-Jewish edicts of Syrian-Greek King Antiochus IV Epiphanes

166-164 BCE

Maccabean (Hasmonean) Revolt and Rededication of the Purified Temple

152 BCE

Jonathan the Hasmonean is named High Priest

150 BCE

The "Teacher of Righteousness" establishes the sect at Qumran(?)

142 BCE

Beginning of Hasmonean Dynasty in independent Judea

103 BCE

Alexander Jannaeus is named High Priest and King

63 BCE

Roman General Pompey captures Jerusalem.
Beginning of the Roman Period

37-4 BCE

Rule of Herod the Great

7-6 BCE

Birth of Jesus (?)

1 CE           Beginning of the Common Era

30 CE

Crucifixion of Jesus

66 CE

Outbreak of the Great Revolt against the Romans

68 CE

Destruction of Qumran by the Romans

70 CE

Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem

73 CE

Fall of Masada



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