Swords into Plowshares, The Isaiah Scroll and Its Message of Peace
Closes September 16
Studying Art in the Museum
for adults and children at beginning and advanced levels
Secrets and Ties
Wondrous Connections in the Israel Museum Collections
The galleries in the main building are currently closed to the public
due to the comprehensive program of renewal at the Israel Museum.
Signs of Life: Animating Ticho House
Until September 26
The Shrine of the Book
Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period
Youth Wing
Campus Renewal Project

International Conference: The Dead Sea Scrolls
and Contemporary Culture
Celebrating 60 Years of Discovery

July 6-8, 2008
Shrine Auditorium

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture 

All lectures in English
Register at 677-1300 (from June 1), IS 300 (full conference)
Registration fee includes a light lunch.
The conference will be webcast live on the internet.
Program subject to changes.

Sponsored by the Dorot Foundation
In collaboration with the Orion Center,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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