Swords into Plowshares, The Isaiah Scroll and Its Message of Peace
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Wondrous Connections in the Israel Museum Collections
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Signs of Life: Animating Ticho House
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The Shrine of the Book
Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period
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A Wandering Bible: The Aleppo Codex

---The Craft of the Medieval Scribe

In the Middle Ages, scribes worked seated on the floor or on a mattress, with a board laid over their knees as a working surface. The text was either dictated or copied from another book. To avoid making mistakes, the scribes would pronounce the words aloud before writing them. The texts were copied onto parchment or papyrus, and later also onto paper, using a stylus or quill dipped into ink. Other pieces of equipment included a knife for marking the lines and columns and piercing holes, scissors for cutting the parchment, a case to hold the writing implements, and an inkwell.
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