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Bizarre Perfection
Bizarre Perfection celebrates virtuoso artistry and masterful craftmanship across cultures and throughout time. Until June 6, 2009
Blue and White Pages
Documenting the History of Israel Until February 2009
Woman with a Camera
Liselotte Grschebina: Germany, 1908 – Israel, 1994 Until February 6, 2009 Ticho House
On the Map
The Map of Israel as Illustration, Artwork, and Icon in the Youth Wing Library
The galleries in the main building are currently closed to the public
due to the comprehensive program of renewal at the Israel Museum.

  Making Hanukkah Miracles
Tues-Thurs, Dec 23-25; Sun-Mon, Dec 28-29; 10-3 pm
The wonders of art from the exhibition Bizarre Perfection
come to life through Hanukkah workshops:
bead paintings, sculpted hanukkiot, oil lamps, and more.
Extra charge

Poetry in Song
Wed, Dec 24; 11. am, 12,30 pm
The whole family is invited to enjoy a performance of songs based on classical poems for children and adults:
Miriam Yelen Shtekeles, A. Hillel, Leah Goldberg, Yonatan Gefen, Uri Asaf, and others.
To order tickets in advance: tel, (02) 677-1302
NIS 25 for children and members; NIS 45 for adults, including Museum admission

Playing Perfection
Sun-Mon, Dec 28-29; 11.30 am
Virtuoso artist Aharon Kotler in an unusual
performance in which a broom, a comb,
a faucet, and a rubber band become
musical instruments
To order tickets in advance; tel; (02) 677-1302
25 NIS for children and members;
45 NIS for adults. Including admission

Einayim Magazine Celebrates 100 Issues
Thurs, Dec 25; 10 am- 3 pm
A celebration in the Youth Wing featuring
performances, workshops, and story hours
with Ronit Heyd, Michel Kishka,
Amit  Weisberger, and Ori Weyl
No extra charge for Einayim subscribers

Scripts and Scrolls:
Fun for the Whole Family
Tues-Wed, Dec 23-24; Sun-Mon, Dec 28-19; 12 pm
Surprises, riddles, and workshops using ancient techniques.
Prizes will be distributed to those
who solve the riddles correctly.
Meet at the Shrine of the Book Information Center
Program will end at 2pm; NIS 15 per child

Recycling Workshop
Tues-Thurs, Dec 23-25; Su-Mon, Dec 28-29; 10 -3 pm
Making miracles out of ordinary materials
by creating decorated Hanukkah
lamps that double up as picture frames
NIS 10 per child

Miracles and Wonders in the Enchanted Forest
Wed, Dec 24; Fri, Dec 26; Sun-Mon, Dec 28-29; 12 pm
The story of a brave girl in search of a Hanukkah
miracle. Will she find it? A colorful adaption with
shadowpuppets featuring actress Limor Vexellblat
NIS15; In the library 

*Courtesy of Bessie Rose Guberman, Winnipeg, Canada
Hanukkah events sponsored by the British
Friends of the Art Museums in Israel


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