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Ron Arad Special Edition

In 2005, in honor of the Museum’s 40th anniversary, International Council Co-Chair Marion Naggar initiated a series of special editions of works by contemporary artists for sale for the benefit of the Museum’s operating fund. Following successful editions created by Damien Hirst and Yinka Shonibare, Marion has this year commissioned a special edition of designer and architect Ron Arad’s PizzaKobra light, which is being offered at a special price of $15,000 each.

PizzaKobra is a small masterpiece of art and technology – at rest, it is a flat coil; in action, it is an intriguing object of fluid design whose hi-tech soft articulations can be formed into different configurations. Twenty-three units from this unique edition of forty signed and numbered works have already been sold, thirteen of them at the International Executive Council’s March 3 meeting in Brazil alone, raising a net total of $276,000 for the Museum’s operations. 

To purchase a special edition of PizzaKobra and for further information, please contact Danny Ben-Natan at: tel: 972-2-670 8827; or fax: 972-2-670 8993; or email: [email protected]

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