Swords into Plowshares: The Isaiah Scroll and Its Message of Peace
Until August 15, 2008
Summer Art Camps in the Youth Wing
Art Marathon 2008
For children who love art (Hebrew)
Real Time: Art in Israel 1998-2008
Until August 30
Signs of Life: Animating Ticho House
Until September 26
Orphaned Art: Looted Art from the Holocaust in the Israel Museum
Until August 23
The Shrine of the Book
Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period
Youth Wing
Campus Renewal Project

The Ruth Youth Wing

The Youth Wing of the Israel Museum is a place for art and for experiential activities for all ages. Its dual purpose is both to build a bridge between the museum and the public, and to develop museum education.

The Youth Wing opened in 1966, and has continually expanded its activities since then. Today it contains extensive gallery space, spacious and well-equipped workshop studios, and lecture halls, a library of illustrated children's books, as well as the Recycling Room, and the Collection Room. The Youth Wing is one of the largest and most distinctive museum educational wings of its kind in the world, with a full daily schedule of activities.

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A unique and important feature of the Youth Wing's program is its annual exhibition, designed for the entire family. The exhibition combines art works from many different periods, objects drawn from Museum collections, works by Israeli artists and by artists from around the world, as well as corners for interactive activities and exploration. The subject of the exhibition changes every year, but it always serves as a source of inspiration for the activities of the Youth Wing for that year—its workshops, camps, active courtyards, and its other numerous activities.

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Special Exhibit
Matters of Eternity

An intimate display of highlights from the Museum’s Archaeology Wing evokes subjects that lay at the heart of the ancient world: religious faith and ritual, divine law, gods and earthly rulers, the powerful cycle of nature and concern for the world to come – all regarded as matters of eternity. These important objects include: the fragment from a 9thcentury BCE Aramean monument that mentions the House of David; a Roman sculpture of the goddess Kore, whose annual return from the underworld heralded the coming of spring and the rebirth of nature; and a 5th-century CE mosaic floor adorned with Jewish symbols of redemption.

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The next few years signal a period of renewal and building at The Israel Museum. During this time, the Youth Wing, along with the Shrine of the Book and the Weisbord Exhibition Pavilion, will be the heart of the Museum. This is a stage for reinvigoration and expansion of activities, and of investigating new horizons in the world of art and experience.

David Ibgui
Chief Curator of the Ruth Youth Wing

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