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Associated Press 3.10.08
Astronaut's diary goes on display in Jerusalem
Shawna Ohm

The New York Times (AP)

International Herald Tribune (AP)

Washington Post (AP) 
USA Today (AP)


Forbes (AP)

Discovery Channel (AP)

ABC News (AP)

Fox News (AP)


Jewish Telegraphic Agency (AP)

Chicago Tribune (AP)

Philadelphia Inquirer (AP)

Newsday (AP)

Houston Chronicle (AP)

Miami Herald (AP)

BBC News 5.10.08
Israel astronaut diary on display

Arutz 7  5.10.08
Diary of Israel's First Astronaut on Display
Aryeh Haffner

NTV Germany 5.10.08
Ausstellung in Jerusalem: Rabins Blut im Museum
Ulrich Sahm

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 6.10.08
Israeli museum displays pages of diary that fell to earth
Peter Armstrong

Time Magazine (blog) 6.10.08
Israel ... From Outer Space to Palestine, Texas
Tim McGirk

Haaretz 26.9.08
Outside the box
Dalia Karpel

Art Daily 19.9.08
The Israel Museum Announces a Major Gift of Prints by The Fred Jahn Gallery
Art Knowledge News 20.9.08
The Israel Museum Receives a Major Gift of Prints from The Fred Jahn Gallery

JPost 21.9.08
Conference Circuit
Greer Fay Cashman

JPost 23.9.08
Prominent Italian Jewish family donates painting by Dutch master to Israel Museum
Lauren Gelfond Feldinger

Aurora 26.9.08
Museo danיs exhibe la relaciףn de Picasso con las mujeres a travיs de grabados

Ynet English 2.9.08
Art and the City
Yehudit Yahav

Globo TV 22.8.08
Agenda cultural

Jerusalem Post 5.9.08
Gallery Gluttony
Andrew Tobin

Jerusalem Mosaic 10.9.08
The Israel Museum Revisited
Ofer Barsadeh

Godtube (in Spanish) 14.9.08
Rollos del Mar Muerto

Art Daily 18.9.08
Major Gift of Prints to the Israel Museum

Luminous Lint 8.8.08
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem: The Collection of Harriette and Noel Levine
Allan Griffith

Le Monde – Lunettes Rouges 30.7.08
Israël quinquagénaire (1)

BBC News (Jerusalem Diary) 18.8.08
Religious Modern Art Fans
Tim Franks

CBN News 22.8.08
Dead Sea Scrolls Link Past and Present
Chris Mitchell

Haaretz.com 7.08.08
Painting by numbers
Naomi Darom 

New York Times 7.8.08
Quandary for Hebrew: How Would Isaiah Text?
Isabel Kershner

Jerusalem Post 8.8.08
From Limited and Expansive
Lauren Gelfond Feldinger

Jerusalem Post – Billboard 8.8.08
Icons in the sky
Ben Sales

El Pais 10.7.08
"En tres dםas vivirבs"
Juan Miguel Muסoz

New York Times 1.8.08
Photography Gift for the Israel Museum
Carol Vogel

Art Forum 1.8.08
Israel Museum Receives Photo Collection

ArtInfo 1.8.08
NY Collectors Donate 125 Photographs to Israel Museum

Art Daily 1.8.08
One of World's Most Important Private Photography Collections Given to the Israel Museum

PhotoQ (Netherlands) 1.8.08
Fotografie geschenk voor het Israכl Museum

Art Knowledge News 1.8.08
One of World's Most Important Private Photography Collections Given to the Israel Museum

Jerusalem Post 3.8.08
New York couple donates 125 vintage photos to 'the Jewish people'
Lauren Gelfond Feldinger

New York Times 6.7.08
Ancient Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah
and Resurrection

Ethan Bronner

Haaretz online 7.7.08
Dead Sea tablet suggests Jewish resurrection
imagery pre-dates
Ofri Ilani

The Independent 8.7.08
Hebrew tablet 'predates Bible on resurrection'
Donald Macintyre
in Spanish:

Reuters 8.7.08
Ancient text sheds light on Jewish-Christian links
Ari Rabinovitch

The Times online 9.7.08
Dead Sea tablet 'casts doubt on death and
resurrection of Jesus'

Sheera Frenkel

Canadian Jewish News 10.7.08
Ancient Jerusalem comes to life

Austin American-Statesman
Troubling Beauty
Robert W. Gee

Jerusalem Post Billboard 11.7.08
I would even drink Merlot
Asi Gal

Jerusalemite 13.7.08
A conversation with Avi Ben, oenophile

International Jerusalem Post 11.7.08 /
Jerusalem Post 13.7.08
Time will tell
Liat Collins

Agencia de prensa judםa – AJN
Museo israelם devuelve monedas
judםas confiscadas
por los nazis a familia polaca

EFE 7.7.08 (El Paםs)
Medio siglo de cambio artםstico
Antonio Pita
also in ArteSpain: 
El Semanal Digital 9.7.08
La revelaciףn del arcבngel San Gabriel desata
pasiones en Internet

Tachles 18.7.08
lteste bekannte Darstellung jוdischer Symbole

New York Times/International Herald Tribune 25.7.08
Museum Offers Gray Gaza a View of Its
Dazzling Past

Ethan Bronner

Art Info 2.7.08
Israel Museum Negotiates Restitution of
Ancient Medallions

Business Week 1.7.08
Top Art Exhibitions for Summer 2008
Matt Mabe

Bloomberg 3.6.08
Dead Sea Scroll's 2,100-Year-Old Peace
Appeal Goes Back on Show

Gwen Ackerman

Jerusalem Post 4.6.08
Grapevine: Cause for Celebration
Greer Fay Cashman

Jerusalem Post 6.6.08
A Message for the Ages
Abe Selig

Times Online 18.5.08
Travel news in brief from The Sunday Times

New York Times and International Herald Tribune 19.5.08
Artists Absorb Israel’s Six Decades, and Move On
Ethan Bronner

artdaily.org 15.5.08
Israel Museum Presents Great Isaiah Scroll For
the First Time in Over Forty Years

AP 13.5.08
Israel Museum puts Dead Sea scroll on rare display
Matti Friedman

Yahoo NEWS 13.5.08 (AP)
 Israel Museum puts Dead Sea scroll on rare display

The International Herald Tribune online 13.5.08 (AP)
"Dead Sea scroll goes on display in Jerusalem after
four decades in the dark"

The Guardian online 14.5.08 (AP)
Dead Sea scroll on show after four decades in dark

The Houston Chronicle en español
Museo de Israel exhibe rollo del Mar Muerto

Infolive 15.5.08
Great Isaiah Scroll Exhibition at the Israel Museum
in Jerusalem
in Spanish:
in French:

New York Times 19.5.08
Real Time" at Israel Museum: Artists Absorb
Israel’s Six Decades, and Move On 

JTA 14.5.08
Scrolls Back on Display

CBC 13.5.08
Israel displays Dead Sea scroll for first time
in decades

Reuters 13.5.08
Israeli museum to exhibit Dead Sea scroll
Ari Rabinovitch

All Headline News (AHN) 14.5.08
President Bush To View Complete 'Isaiah'
Dead Sea Scroll During Jerusalem Visit

Jupiter Kalambakal

Jerusalem Post 13.5.08
Bush to view rarely-seen Dead Sea Scroll
Etgar Lefkovits

Haaretz 13.5.08
2,100-year-old Isaiah Scroll on rare public
display for two months

Nadav Shragai

Bloomberg 8.5.08
Israelis Mark Milestone Amid Prosperity
They Struggle to Enjoy
David Rosenberg           

Infolive TV on youtube 7.5.08
Recognizing Israel's Young Artists - Israel At 60

Bloomberg 1.5.08
Gwen Ackerman
Nazi-Plundered Matisse, Seurat in Israel
Museum Have No Owners

BBC Mundo 6.4.08
Arte en busco de dueño
Jana Beris

Toronto Star 26.4.08
Israel exhibit showcases art seized by Nazis
Caroline Mallan

Israel Travel Guide, 16.04.08
The Israel Museum has Launched a New Website

Jerusalem Post, 31.3.08
Israel Museum confers prizes

The Guardian 22.3.08 
Looking for owners: looted masterpieces
go on show

Exhibition brings together paintings stolen by the
Nazis, and still unclaimed
Rory McCarthy

CTV (Canada) 24.2.08
Israel Museum features art stolen by Nazis
CTV.ca News Staff

CNN 24.2.08
Stolen art exhibited
Israel exhibits art looted by Nazis in an
attempt to find the original owners

Atika Shubert

CNN.com 24.2.08
Nazi-looted art goes on display

El Universal (Mexico) 24.2.08
Expolio, historia y arte coinciden en un museo
Jana Beris

Xinhua News (Chinese National News Agency) 23.2.08
Looted paintings exhibited 
Photo: CCTV.com
Feng Tao

El Tiempo (Colombia) 23.2.08
Arte robado en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
es expuesto por el Museo Israel de Jerusalem
eltiempo.com / cultura 

International Herald Tribune online 22.2.08
Stolen art on display in a search for owners
Steven Erlanger

The Independent 22.2.08
A feast of art in Israel but on whose walls do
these works really belong?

New York Times 20.2.08
Stolen Art on Display in a Search for Owners

Taipei Times 20.2.08 (AP)
Looted by Nazis and unclaimed, art goes on
display in Jerusalem

N-TV (Germany) 20.2.08
Auf Hitlers Wunschliste Geraubte Kunst
sucht Besitzer

Von Ulrich W. Sahm

Hagalil (Germany) 20.2.08
Von Nazis aus Frankreich erbeutete Kun
Von Ulrich W. Sahm

Art Knowledge News 20.2.08
Israel Museum Searches for Owners of
Stolen Paintings

Steven Erlanger 

BBC 20.2.08
Looted art seeks owners in Jerusalem 
Katya Adler 

Naharnet Lebanon 20.2.08
Israel Exhibits Paintings Plundered
in WWII France

Beirut, 19 Feb 08, 10:23

Arutz 7 20.2.08
Stolen Holocaust Art at the Israel Museum
by Avi Tuchmayer
(IsraelNN.com) The Israel Museum opened two
new exhibitions of Holocaust-era art Monday,
giving light to nearly 100 paintings and Jewish
ceremonial artifacts stolen by Nazi looters
during the Second World War.
19 Adar Bet 5768, March 26, '08 

JPost 19.2.08
Hoping for a miracle, looted art exhibit opens

Telegraph 19.2.08
Art stolen by Nazis shown for first time
Henry Samuel

LA Times 19.2.08
Looking for Owners exhibits paintings
plundered by Nazis

Israel Museum displays Nazi loot in an
exhibit aimed at identifying owners
Richard Boudreaux

Art Info 19.2.08
Israel Tries to Reunite Owners with
Nazi-Looted Art

Published: February 19, 2008 

Infolive 18.2.08 
Les oeuvres d'art spoliées aux Juifs:
De retour à Jérusalem

Cliquez sur l'icone à droite du player

France 24 / AFP 18.2.08
Israël expose des oeuvres spoliées par les
Nazis en France

M. de Chalvron et G. Auda

AFP 18.2.08
Israel exhibits paintings plundered in
WWII France

AP 18.2.08
Online editions of the following publications
have picked up the article:
E Magazine (Feb. 19, Associated Press)
• Condé Nast Portfolio (Feb. 19, Associated Press)
• Forbes (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• USA Today (Feb. 19, Associated Press)
• ABC News (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• CBS News (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• Fox News (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• Chicago Tribune (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• Houston Chronicle (Feb. 19, Associated Press)
• Seattle Times (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• Miami Herald (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• Philadelphia Inquirer (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• Newsday (Feb. 18, Associated Press)
• MSN Money (Feb. 19, Associated Press)

Reuters 18.2.08
Israeli museum shows art looted by Nazis in France
Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:47pm EST
• New York Times (Feb. 19, Associated Press)
• International Herald Tribune (Feb. 19, Associated Press)
• CNN.com (Feb. 19, Associated Press)

La Stampa 14.2.08
"Di chi è questo Chagall?"
In mostra i quadri rubati dalle SS

JPost 13/2/08
Feb 12, 2008 23:55 | Updated Feb 13, 2008 9:39
Israel Museum exhibits hope to match looted
Holocaust art with owners


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