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Art lovers with an urge to create on their own find that the Ruth Youth Wing's art courses combine instruction by teacher-artists and an environment which stimulates creativity, in a mix which only a museum with its own collection of original art can offer. The learning process prompts animated and topical discussion; permits free artistic development and realization of personal talent; and promotes original thinking and expressions of personal statements.

The courses focus on a variety of artistic fields, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, animation, digital drawing, and ceramics. Participants include new immigrants, veteran citizens, people with special needs, and members of many communities within Israel's diverse social mosaic.

Eldad Shaaltiel, Senior Curator of  Art Courses

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Israel Museum to Launch New Arts Education Program for Jerusalem Schoolchildren

First grade students in the city will learn the language of art by experiencing the Museum's diverse collections

Jerusalem, Israel, December 15, 2010 – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem has developed a new, innovative arts program for first grade students in Jerusalem that will be launched at the start of 2011. The comprehensive program, which introduces students to the Museum's diverse collections in Archaeology, the Fine Arts, and Jewish Art and Life, is intended for schoolchildren of various socio-cultural backgrounds including Jewish, Arab, orthodox, secular, religious and special needs. It has been designed to develop students' creativity, critical thinking skills and powers of observation, with learning taking place through guided tours at the Museum and follow-up sessions back in the classroom. . .More

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