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Activity yard
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The Ruth Youth Wing Activity Yard comes to life with activity every Spring. The Activity Yard is designed to reflect a theme, and activities for the entire family address that theme. 

Special activities for groups may be arranged in advance.

Sukkot in the Youth Wing - The Four Species: Yard Activities, Journey Through the Galleries, Recycling Workshop, and Story Time
Look What a Bit of Color Can Do! Made possible by British Friends of the Art Museums and Tambour


Oct 13-20 Free admission for children courtesy of the Ernst and Jacqueline Weil Stiftung, Zurich

Oct 9-10 | 10 am – 3 pm | Ages 7 and up | NIS 40 (including Museum admission) NIS 25 for Family Membership holders

Oct 11, 16–18 | NIS 30 | NIS 25 for Family Membership holders

Sukkot events sponsored by the family of Harry Torczyner, who never lost the magic and wonder of childhood

 בניית אתריםבניית אתרים