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The Library of Art and Archaeology
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Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10 am - 4 pm
Tuesday 4 - 8 pm
The Library is closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Location: The Israel Museum Library is located in the main building of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem on Ruppin Boulevard, near the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).

Israel Museum Library Tel: 02 - 6708084, 02 - 6708886; Fax: 02 - 6771375

email: [email protected]

The Library of the Israel Museum was established in 1965 in order to provide research tools to the Museum's curators. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem is home to an encyclopedic collection, and its Library Collections also cover a comprehensive range of subjects related to the Museum exhibits. In addition, the Library houses collections which integrate, support, and address subjects associated with the Museum's function. The unique collections donated to the Library of the Israel Museum, over the years, reflect the Museum's areas of expertise and enhance its Collections.

Housing over 170,000 titles in a variety of languages. The Library subscribes to more than 120 up-to-date publications about relevant subjects, some of them in digital format. Readers are also welcome to access a number of significant, digital databases, available in the Library, including:


Art full text offers abstracts and indexing of articles about art and archaeology in a number of languages. Some of the articles appear in full-text format. features art auctions around the world, making it possible to search by artist

IHP offers abstracts and indexing of Hebrew-language articles from the University of Haifa and an index of articles which appear in Hebrew and English in the Israeli press. Provides biliographical information. Some of the articles appear in full-text format. 

Encyclopaedia Judaica Online

Oxford Art Online offers access to the four major art encyclopedias

Grove Art Online
The Oxford Companion to Western Art
Encyclopedia of Aesthetics
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms

The Library of Art and Archaeology catalogue is updated daily catalogue>>>

Terms of Use of the Library - Rules and Regulations

Architecture and Design of the Library

The Library is now the largest art library in Israel, serving Museum staff and members, as well as researchers and students, who are welcome to make use of the Library's rich collection.

Subjects in the Library Collection

Art History: Painting, sculpture, and architecture
Contemporary Art and Israeli Art
Jewish Ethnography: Jewish Art
The Architectures of the Land of Israel, the Middle East, and Ancient Cultures


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