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Triple Tuesday
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New! Triple Tuesday every week Three activities in one ticket

4 pm | Ages 4-8 | Full Program NIS 25; Recycling Workshop or Illustration Library only NIS 15

  Recycling Workshop  4 - 7 pm
  Surprise elsewhere in the Museum   4:45 pm
   Illustration Library   5 pm

Jan 15 Tu bi-Shevat Is Coming
  Making trees in a variety of shapes and colors 
  Menashe Kadishman's blue trees
  Mia Sahar's puppet-theatre enactment of Rinat Offer's book Hannan the Gardener
Jan 29 Journey to a Distant Land: Japan
  Making beautiful butterflies 
  Dolls from the Youth Wing collection
  Ruth Hof tells a Japanese Zen tale about the shoemaker who dreamt he was a butterfly
Feb 5 Seven in One Shot
  What does a hero look like? Weaving a hero's belt
  What does a hero look like? With Orna Granot
  Omer the Storyteller tells the story of the seven flies and the tailor who wished to rule
Feb 12 My Very Own Mask
  Making magnificent masks
  Masks from the Youth Wing collection
  Dance-story with dancer Alit Etrog Heiman
Feb 19 "In the Beginning"
  Making special booklets
  Author Mirik Snir and illustrator Sonia Sekhel present the round book they co-produced
  The author and illustrator sign the book
Feb 26 Hannah's Sabbath Dress
  Stamping and staining fabrics
  Tour of the exhibition Days of Innocencec
  Story time with Orna Granot

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