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About us
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The Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education is one of the largest and most prominent educational departments of its kind in the world. Many in the field of museum education come here to learn from the Youth Wing's years of experience. They find a unique and magical place, which integrates professionalism with learning, play, and pleasure.

The Youth Wing's staff includes some 100 teachers, instructors, lecturers, and administrators, with a common vision. Our goal is to be a center for study and creation, giving rise to artistic-cultural dialogue and endeavor inspired by the original works housed in the Israel Museum.

Members of the Youth Wing staff all share a common vision:

To stimulate discussion and create cultural events based on the museum’s collection of original art.

To cultivate values of curiosity, creativity, questioning and knowledge, and to make a contribution to society in the fields of culture and art.

To seek original ways of attracting the public to the museum, with the focus on the community, and sensitivity to the changing needs of a multicultural and multi-generational society.

Tali Gavish

Head of the Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education

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