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Director`s Welcome
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Dear Visitors,

We have moved from celebration to celebration, having just enjoyed the official party for the Museum’s 50th anniversary which was May 11, 2015. We greeted 12,461 guests that day — our highest attendance on record.  It was a true recognition of Teddy Kollek’s legacy and a tribute to his spirit.

We continued the enthusiasm as we welcomed more than 400 participants from eighteen countries for the International Council last week.  It was an equally memorable and significant event marking the milestone of our 50th birthday year.

In focusing on the centrality of important exhibitions to underline this jubilee year, new exhibitions including 1965 Today, 6 Artists 6 Projects, A Brief History of Humankind, and the presentation of The Renewed Collection Galleries of Israeli Art are already on view. They are now joined by the stunning Greek and Roman artifacts in The Belfer Collection, a Mishneh Torah on loan from the Vatican, Rembrandt paintings from Amsterdam and Jerusalem, and a breathtaking exhibition of ancient gold coins newly-discovered from Caesarea. 

We look forward to a summer of exciting events to share and continue celebrating the achievements of the first fifty years as we look forward to more hard work and aspirations for the next fifty years.

With warmest regards,

James S. Snyder

Anne and Jerome Fisher