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About Friends of the Israel Museum
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Established in 1965, the Israel Museum today is a world-class cultural institution and is the only encyclopedic museum for art and archaeology in this part of the world.

This amazing success story can be attributed to an ever-growing network of International Friends who support our activities in a number of ways. We invite you to join the Museum family and to help us maintain our growth and development by contributing in any of the following categories listed below.

INTERNATIONAL PATRONS contribute $3,000 annually. Their names appear in the Israel Museum Journal. Patrons receive invitations to the annual International Council and international events around the world, and an International Art Pass entitling free entry to several American and European museums.

GUARDIANS contribute $7,500 to sponsor a week in honor of the person or occasion of their choice. Their contribution subsidizes entrance fees for children, students, soldiers, disabled persons, and senior citizens. Guardians' names are published in connection with the sponsored week.  Guardians receive all benefits of Patrons as well as a catalog and free entrance for a year.

All annual gifts of $2,000 upwards not earmarked for the categories above are recorded as Donor contributions. Donors are listed in the Israel Museum Journal, and Donors are invited to all events of their local Friends'organization.

Cumulative gifts over a period of time totaling $100,000 and up are recognized in three special categories with contributor names permanently inscribed on their specific category wall of the Museum's Donor Court. Contributors in these categories receive all donor benefits and their names are published in each edition of the Israel Museum Journal and all other supporter lists

SPONSORS are those donors who contribute cumulative gifts of $100,000-$250,000.

BENEFACTORS are those donors who contribute cumulative gifts of $250,000 - $1,000,000.

FOUNDERS represent the highest category to be reached in the Israel Museum. They contribute cumulative gifts of $1,000,000 upwards.

If you are interested in pursuing possible avenues of involvement, please contact   and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

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