The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
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Information Center for Israeli Art
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The Center offers a comprehensive resource representing thousands of Israeli painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic and industrial designers, ceramists, jewelers, and related arts and crafts.

Visitors to the museum can search artist files both physically and digitally, including biographical notes, press cuttings, videos, slides, and photographs of artworks, as well as current and past exhibitions both in Israel and abroad.

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday
10am – 2pm

4pm - 8pm

Study room adjacent to the Library
By appointment only
Tel. 670- 8018
Email: [email protected]


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Works of the artists and information are from catalogues published by the museum, and from documentation deposited in the Information Center for Israeli Art, by the artists themselves, or from various other sources. Copyright of the individual works of art resides with the artist or the artist's heirs. The works may not be copied, published or distributed without the artist's permission.

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