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   The Italy-Israel Foundation for Culture and the Arts (I.I.F.C.A.)  
The Italy-Israel Foundation for Culture and the Arts (I.I.F.C.A.)
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The Italy-Israel Foundation for Culture and the Arts (I.I.F.C.A.) was established on the occasion of the third intergovernmental Summit between Italy and Israel (Jerusalem, October 25, 2012), by the will of the Governments of Italy and Israel.
Its mandate is in the Cultural Agreement between Italy and Israel (article 4 of the Cooperation Program on Education, Culture, Youth and Sports between the Governments of the Italian Republic and the State of Israel 2012-2015).

The initiative was taken by the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the light of the commitment of both countries to progress and development of humanity, the riches of common values of both cultural traditions and their historical legacy associate even nowadays Italy and Israel in their common vision of the future.
The geographical proximity, constant relationships throughout history, the sharing of secular and religious sentiments, a deep friendship grown strong over the years, approach in many fields men, institutions and civil societies of the two countries who devote their commitment to human progress and dialogue.

The friendship between the two countries is based on very solid foundations, cemented by a significant parallelism between the two national movements that developed in the nineteenth century, by common democratic values and a shared concept of the person and his rights. The Foundation’s activities represent an opportunity to reaffirm the fundamental values of civilization focusing on the individual and his world.

This initiative is part of the full strategy of growth of the Italian Foreign Ministry, which puts culture in the first place among the instruments of promotion and enhancement of Italian excellence abroad, especially towards a country with which the bonds are intense and productive. At the base of the cultural embrace between the two countries is also the fact that Italy is at the side of Israel in its commitment to the defense of the Jewish people’s right to exist in peace and security.

The Foundation was established also thanks to the support of the Association of Cultural Friendship between Italy and Israel, which brings together men of culture, scientists and entrepreneurs committed to promoting the values, ideas and the work of the two Countries.

The President Piergaetano Marchetti points out that culture is the best tool for bringing people together, encouraging the understanding of the other and enhancing the dialogue between peoples overcoming the political and religious differences.