The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
   ArTricks on Hanukkah  
ArTricks on Hanukkah
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The Israel Museum invites you to join in the fun of Hanukkah with some magical black theater, daily workshops for children and more. Children under 18 are welcome to visit for free throughout Hanukkah, November 28-December 5.

Looking forward to seeing you here!

FunTazi: Black Theater on Hanukkah

Illusion and fantasy combining Prague’s black light theater with contemporary theater, invisible performers produce stunning effects assisted by special lighting and music, resulting in a show steeped in magic and imagination.

Mon and Tues, December 2 and 3

Daily workshops on Hanukkah (Hebrew)

* Tricky dreidels 
* Illusions of light and darkness 
* Old fashioned oil candles 
* A mysterious Hanukkah riddle (Hebrew)

Sun-Thurs, December 1-5, 10 am-3 pm
IS 15 

Hanukkah Story Time in the illustration library
Dances of light and darkness with dancer Dalit Yisahar
Sun-Thurs, December 1-5 at 12 pm

In the Recycling Workshop 
Lying doughnuts 
Sun-Thurs December 1-5
10 am-4 pm

Time Travel: an animated film 
The story of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Children 6+ (Hebrew)
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Thanks to our friends
Free entrance for children (under 18, excluding groups) during Hanukkah: November 28-December 5 
Does not include groups, workshops and performances.
Courtesy of William and Linda Hecht

Performance and activities are courtesy of the British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel.

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