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Artists Limited Editions commissioned by the Israel Museum
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In 2005, the Israel Museum's International Council Co-Chair, Marion Naggar, initiated a series of special commissions by cutting-edge artists to be sold in exclusive limited editions for the benefit of the Museum. Following commissioned works by Damien Hirst (2005 – Sold Out), Yinka Shonibare, MBE, (2007) and Ron Arad (2008), a new work by Los Angeles and Durban-based artist Liza Lou was created this year to honor the Museum's 45th birthday and the major renewal of its campus. 

Gather Forty, 2010
comprises a series of 40 individual sculptures featuring gold-plated beads threaded onto 400 individual strands of stainless steel wire and bound into a single sheaf (25 cm height x 12 cm diameters) to create a circular field. The sculpture is available for $22,500 (excluding VAT and shipping) and is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist. 

To purchase a limited edition of Liza Lou's Gather Forty, please contact:

Sarah Watson
L + M Arts, Venice, California; tel: 1 310 849 5070
[email protected]

There are also a limited number of other special editions still available for sale:

* Culture Flower, 2007, by Yinka Shonibare, MBE -  a delicate bouquet of hand-made fabric flowers arranged in a hand-blown opaque black glass vase. The exuberant bouquet of gardenias, camelias, peonies and roses is made from the artist's signature African fabric. Each flower has been hand selected by the artist from a different batik cloth, and in each arrangement the choice of fabric flowers is varied, making every work unique.   Series of 40. Dimensions: 30 cm high x 27 cm diameter. The work is priced at $30,000 (excluding shipping and VAT). 

Image  courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery

To purchase a limited edition of Yinka Shonibare's Culture Flower, please contact:

Joanna Stella-Sawicka
Stephen Friedman Gallery, London; tel: 44 (0) 20 7494 1434; [email protected]

* PizzaKobra Light, 2008 by Ron Arad – a small masterpiece of art and technology: at rest, it is a flat coil; in action, it is an intriguing object of fluid design.  The hi-tech soft articulations that connect the circular sectors of the spiral translate formal flexibility into changeable aesthetic evolution, creating any number of dynamic configurations over the same simple line. Series of 40.  Steel, aluminum, silver plated finish, touch-sensitive switch, LEDs;  295 x 285 x 18 mm. Each signed and numbered work is offered at a special price of $15,000 (excluding shipping and VAT)

To purchase a limited edition of Ron Arad's PizzaKobra, please contact:

Daniel Ben-Natan
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; tel: 972-2-670 8827
[email protected]


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