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Programs and events
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All Youth Wing programs are in Hebrew unless otherwise stated.

Sun, Wed  10:00am-2:00pm 
Mon, Thurs  1:00-5:00pm 
Tues  4:00-7:00pm
Fridays and holiday eves Closed 

Printable schedule of library activities in January, February, March, 2014. (Hebrew)

Mondays in the Illustration Library
Big Art for Little Artists 
In this series of meetings with Michal Kerer, storytelling inspires children to create their own works of art. 
Big Art for Bigger Artists
For slightly older children, who are either new or continuing in the program. 

Triple Tuesday
Three activities in a single ticket: in the Recycling workshop, in the Illustration Library, and ... a surprise!
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Exhibition in the Library: What a Small World!
Children from around the world in books, photographs and dolls, with a focus on the classic series "Children of the World" which features real children from faraway and exotic lands. The books are illustrated with photographs by Anna Riwkin-Brick.
From December 24


Library staff
Orna Granot, Associate Curator of the Library for Children's Books
Shlomit Ozeri
Brit Lavie

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