The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
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Shrine of the Book
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The Shrine of the Book is the home of several exceptional archaeological finds: the Dead Sea Scrolls and other rare ancient manuscripts. The dome covers a structure which is two-thirds below the ground, and is reflected in a pool of water that surrounds it.

The striking juxtaposition of the white dome and black basalt wall, precise and opposing geometrical shapes, creates a monumental effect and an extraordinary phenomenon in the Israeli landscape.

Here are the many ways to learn more about and experience the Dead Sea Scrolls:

Interactive Virtual Tour of the Shrine of the Book

The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

Explore the Isaiah Scroll

Explore the Temple Scroll

The Qumran Community

The Qumran Library

The Shrine Complex

Interactive Tours of the Shrine, the Second Temple Period Model of Jerusalem,
and the Dead Sea Scrolls

A Wandering Bible: The Aleppo Codex

The Dorot Auditorium

For children: A 20-minute Hebrew animation film for ages 6+: Time Tunnel: The Story of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Scrolls Seminar

June 11-24, 2015

In partnership with the Shrine of the Book (The Israel Museum, Jerusalem), the Center for Holy Land Studies are offering a ten-day seminar in Jerusalem focused on the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

Combining history, literature, theology, archaeology, and geography, this unique program provides educators, students, pastors, and other participants an in-depth experience and interaction with the Dead Sea Scrolls, arguably the most important archaeological finding of the twentieth century. 

Speakers include world-renowned scholars including Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Head of the Shrine of the Book.

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